About key programming in Autohex II

Autohex II is the perfect bmw key programming tool for people who are searching for one tool that is able to solve all problems in the bmw key programming. With all the necessary tools and functions for crucial learning in bmw program. You can not only read, but also write, unblock, block, save and discard keys in the CAS. The best thing about the Autohex II is it is very advanced and ideal for encrypted in the CAS3. In addition, you can also add a new key with working keys or without them, sold in all the versions of the CAS3. Besides, Autohex II comes with some of the most resourceful functions when you handling key management.

For instance, if you wish to know the key number or want to confirm if the key is viable, the key is just inserted into a slot. The inserted key will be seen easily. Also, Autohex II is capable of saving important information about the key to be used in another vehicle. For instance, let’s assume you own a bmw that comes with CAS only, and that features valid keys, while another bmw model doesn’t come with any key. With this function, you can easily save information of one of the keys and use the same information to program in another vehicle. You can either use the information in program key or program prepared key where there is no key that functions well. Of course, when you save information of a given key in another CAS, it is always nice to discard the key information from the CAS after you save it. Autohex II comes with this function for all its users

You can also store the key information of the CAS, but you can also block it and retrieve it later if you want to. This functions comes in handy when you want to program your bmw key with an ignition slot, here, you don’t need a prepared key or a key programmer. However, you must have a blank key in position because the system doesn’t support already used keys. You should also know that not all versions of CAS accept this technique for the remote keys. However, all the versions of CAS accept the transponder to be set this way. If you want to program your transponder, this is the best place to do it.

Here are crucial things to know about key programming in Autohex II;

The CAS of your BMW uses Crypto mode. On the other hand, the factory mode in ‘’PCF7936’’ is a password mode. In this scenario, you should convert the transponder to crypto mode, you can achieve this by Hitag2 tool. Autohex II program lets you adjust the mode using HTag Pro tool. Given the instructions functions will result to a successful procedure and your bmw key will be programmed in a few seconds.

Autohex II BMW software gives you a very strong technique to solve the issue of a CAS encrypted or any standard CAS1, CAS2 or even CAS3 when there is no functional key. This function make use of various stages based on the version of CAS and it is based on user selection. The program determines if it can program the key minus ISN. The software can also give two different options.

  • You can use the HTag Pro programmer to prepare the bmw key
  • Use the information file of a prepared or from another vehicle

In case you are prompted to give out ISN/Sk, you can as well get it from Autohex II BMW software ‘’CAS DME ISN controller after you save your value there, the manager can write it or load it, it is very crucial to understand the DME ISN features eight digits which is approximately four bytes as well as the DME SK features thirty two digits which come in either sixteen bytes or 128 bytes. So, you need to be very careful when you manually feed in the values.Once you click the SET, the Autohex II BMW software will setup the key through Htag Pro Tool and store the information as a backup into a particular file, then you can start to program it. The whole process may take around thirty minutes, but on most occasions, it takes just a few seconds to complete.